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Certified Professional Contractors
Serving the Durand and WI area.

At Wittig & Jaskowski
Construction, we take pride in the
work we do.  We provide our
customers with
great service and always

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Please browse through some of our Home and building Exterior photos.  Some exterior photos are of finished work, being remodeled, or freshly being constructed.  
We have  something for everyone when it comes to Custom Homes and designing something that is right for you.   We are your Trusted Residential Home Builders!

We can assure you that our work will be completed at the highest level of quality.  It is our name, our reputation, and our plan to be in business indefinitely.  With our
combined 30 years of building experience, we have the knowledge and skills to make your project the way you see it.  We are the guys that will not only make the sale,
but will also be in the field doing the work on your project from start to finish.  We define quality.
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